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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Avatar Shmavatar - No Really Does Mean No, Zynga

So I get home from work today and I see some stories on the blogs about Mafia Wars incorporating an avatar into the game. An avatar. Seriously. I went to the official Mafia Wars facebook page to confirm my fear, and yes it is true. And, there is an "official" survey we can take here: . I selected no.

If you ask me, this is an unnecessary and unwanted change to the game that is ultimately about making players buy more reward points (I am not alone, or even original, in having this sentiment). It also seems this avatar feature will factor in to fighting, somehow. That really turns my stomach since fighting is my favorite feature in the game (and I really don't want Zynga to screw with it). And didn't they already try this avatar crap with the epic failure that was Mafia Wars 2?

This is what Zynga has to say about the whole Avatar Shmavatar nonsense:

Heya Mobsters,

The Mafia Wars team loves to delight our badass community with innovative features that will help improve the game and make the experience more fascinating.

One such feature we have planned is the Avatar. Avatar will be your visual representation in the game. You will be able to dress up in different costumes. These items/costume parts can also have some stats. Avatars could be integrated with our fight system so that it affects the fight outcome for you. You could see your and other players Avatar on profile pages and during fights.

Help us make better this feature better by completing this very quick survey to let us know what you think of this one.

The Mafia Wars Team

Don't be fooled. When they say the feature is "planned", it most certainly means that it is already packaged, sealed, and ready for delivery, regardless of what we say in any survey. You see, Zynga fails to appreciate that No really does mean No. BUT, I still suggest filling the survey out and voicing your opinion in any medium possible. Send them e-mails, flood the forums, post on the blogs, post on their Facebook page. That way, when it all blows up in their faces, at least we as players can shrug and say: "we tried to tell you".

Zynga has made it clear they have no long term loyalty or commitment to any one brand of game, and I think ultimately this approach will fail them. Whether Zynga realizes it or not, people pay attention. We notice things. We remember things, too. They won't always have us by the balls with this game called Mafia Wars. And believe me, when Mafia Wars collapses, I have no plans to play any other Zynga games, and I am not alone. As a matter of fact, because of how Zynga treats us, I will actively avoid ANYTHING to do with Zynga. I will actively discourage anyone else from even playing a Words with Friends game on their iPhone.

Usually, when we as players ask Zynga to stop doing something, they keep doing it, and even do it more. So I guess we will be seeing the Avatar bullcrap at some point. But they are for sure gonna know that I think they (Zynga) suck. And you can't see it, but I am giving them the bird right now!!!! Enjoi - {ℳ} ßrµ†µ§


  1. ahahaha! "our badass community"? Nothing says "badass" like a bubble-head avatar just like every other game Zynga offers.

    1. yes, with big googlie eyes. the whole thing nauseates me.

  2. OMG shades of Vampire Wars.... I QUIT VW once they started making various clothes on the vamps effect their fighting ability. Oh...and begging - to complete various articles of clothing required begging either on your wall or through gifts. That IMO was an epic fail. This will be another epic fail. I do not want to play dress up, I just want a game that works and doesn't slog and bog and flinch and glitch!

    1. funny you should say that Lewella. i played VWs one time and absolutely hated it. I hated almost everything about it.

  3. I voted NO! OMG! That could just be the breaking point for me on Mafia Wars? I thought I could withstand almost anything. But that would be like dressing up dolls to fight! I never played with dolls when I was a kid. If this comes through and effects the fighting ability, I will retire and forgetaboudit! Count me out, Zynga!!!