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Thursday, April 5, 2012

VIP Membership Puchase - The Facts from {ℳ} ßrµ†µ§

As most everyone knows by now, today the VIP membership program has begun to roll out (it may not yet be available to everyone just yet). I decided to enroll, and please spare me your criticism, I know I am slightly stupid for doing it! LOL.....yeah. But ANYWAY, for those who are curious as to what happens, I will tell you.

Immediately following my membership purchase I recieved the pop-up shown at the top of this article, notifying me that I received 50 RPs and a VIP loot item, a Beatboxer (Henchman) with 171 attack and 106 defense. I also immediately received a Spockholm notification that skill point reallocation was now active. After clicking out of the pop-up I also saw I had received the one-time bonus of 50 skill points.

[I want to point out that the skill point reallocation is not free, it is simply guaranteed for purchase at least once every 24 hours (you can purchase both 50 and 10, just like normal).]

If you have heard the drop rates for VIP loot are high, you are correct. Not even 3000 stamina in assassinator has netted me 1200 and 1500 equipment points on attack and defense respectively.

The following loot dropped from fighting:
×25 Arctic Boots[79A123D](6.8%)Have: 61
×13 Hoffman's Sloth[122A80D](3.6%)Have: 39
×24 Bike Helmet[122A81D](6.6%)Have: 69
×22 Sky Leopard[122A82D](6.0%)Have: 52
×19 Rope Dart[83A121D](5.2%)Have: 49
×15 Tall Tail[81A121D](4.1%)Have: 55

The loot is also dropping from jobs and robbing at a high rate. The loot that drops from jobs, fighting, and robbing will be updated periodically. If you join up and decide to leave the VIP program, you will not lose any of the loot or skill points you gained. And, of course, you can cancel and rejoin at anytime.

Personally i like this VIP program, but I fear it will drive more players away. I love mafia wars, but I have grown to despise Zynga. They just can't help but screw with things. They keep tweaking it over and over and over. I personally don't mind spending $24.95 a month, but many players will. Anyway, we will see how it pans out. Enjoi - {ℳ} ßrµ†µ§


  1. this is just a game... business on internet. you did a big mistake, please forgive me, if i am rude or/and offensive; but its more good and fun for you to spend this much amount to any orphan, or else.

  2. @Silver I respect your opinion but the thing is that everyone wants some entertainment in life. The thing is you need to balance all these things. You are using an internet connection which cost you something which could be saved and used to help someone. Entertainment has medical value and releases your mind of stress. So basically these are his medical expenses.

  3. I don't' find your comment rude, but rather, i find it presumptuous. 25 dollars is not all the money i have... i support a number of local charities and non-profit organizations (not that that is anyone's concern but my own). the same thing could be said of how you spend your time playing a game on the internet for fun. and it would be equally fallacious.

  4. {ℳ} ßrµ†µ§ very nice post! thank you for the information

  5. Alright, I'm sold----especially since i can cancel at any time. Cool, I'm doing it.

  6. Nice site by they way! Saving to favorites. :)

  7. Thank you very much for your honest answers and letting people know what it's all about. I say, to each his own. Enjoy!

  8. No shot I'm doing this. I have been playing since almost the beginning, and I feel this is sort of like a bait and switch. Sure, you have a choice, but if you don't do it, you will be at a severe disadvantage to everyone who does. As such, I am probably giving up this game (I'm around a level 2000). Zynga is desperate for more revenue and this is the solution. Good luck to all!