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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Family Progression: SNAFU 5/23

It's what happens whenever Zynga "fixes" something.

Like in Chaos Theory, when Zynga moved a butterfly with our properties, the Family Progression got jacked up for some of us. Because I was able to stay up late last night, I got to collect my Family Progression bump before midnight. 

Funny thing is, when I collected, my timer said I had 6 hours left. Imagine my surprise when I got on  this morning and saw this

Well that sucks. So, before I send a frantic message off to Customer Service, I checked the Known Issues Forum .  

The first thing I read was "We believe the following issue has been fully resolved". *Not*  Keep Reading, there is a spot a little lower where they ask us to "report here" if you are having an issue with family progression. Which I did. We'll see how long this takes. Good luck!

09:42 a.m. Pacific Time:
 The In Game Support Page now has a post on this issue. It links back to the same Survey

Don't forget to click on the bandage so they know you want it fixed!

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