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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why I Did It - Part 3:
The Facebook Notes
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Part 3:

The Facebook Notes

As you by now know, I like to write, and usually do well at it. You may have also noticed  I have a bit of an attitude, and have no problems expressing myself emphatically :0) Before there was a Mistyfied blog, before there was a Mistyfied page, my earliest Mafia Wars friends knew Misty Dady was a pistol--a very argumentative, sarcastic, opinionated, and expressive one.

The more the game got its hooks into me, the more certain things crystallized. Things like, how most of the crap on the Free Gifts page was exactly that—crap.

And of course, how useless, annoying, and spammy those Iced posts were. You couldn't know me and not know I hated an endless string of Iced posts. I was pretty bossy about it! I mellowed a bit in time, though. LOL, I could really work myself into a frenzy over some of those things. My motto was “Just because Zynga makes it possible doesn’t make it a good idea!”

Then I discovered the Facebook Notes feature. My first note was about “I Helped, Your Turn” posts. Contrary to popular belief, posting “I Helped, Your Turn” did not kill the job, but the fact remained it was still a mostly useless post.

These posts were generated after helping a mafia member on a job. Since the original job poster received XP when 10 assists were received, Zynga wanted you to feel you were helping the original job poster achieve that, so you could give yourself a pat on the back and call yourself helpful. The problem is that any of your other mafia members who clicked to help on these posts
  • received NO experience points
  • only a measly $1000 New York cash
  • and it also used up one of their daily job assists

I was very snarky, sarcastic, and critical in how I presented my thoughts, and even though now who would do that?! likes to make snide comments about me being an "angry person", lots of people loved those first notes. It's easily fair to say some of them went viral, and it was through them that I had any fans and haters to begin with.

That first note was the seed of several of my future Mafia Wars pursuits. Because I criticized those who mindlessly published anything Zynga popped on their screen, I found like-minded players and began developing a "smart publishing" ethic, which led to, among other things, the original Mistyfied Pimping note. And it was the notes as well as the pimping that led to the fan page.

Thank you for your emails about this series, I like it too! I'm sure oh I'll get to it will copy the idea as soon as they can figure out how to make it seem like it was their own idea. Yes, I'll get to the juicy stuff soon. :0)

To be continued...