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Monday, May 28, 2012

Feels like a Win - Old Property Timers coming Back

A few days ago I wrote a very angry article at Zynga about the changes to the property timers - my main complaint being that the the cost to build no longer decreased with the time to the next build (you can read that article here: Well, it looks like enough of us bitched about it! They will be slowly rolling the timers back to they way they used to work. You can read about the improvement from Zynga here: . However, the format will not change, there will still be Global and City properties etc.  But it will get cheaper to craft again as the time decreases, instead of costing 12 RPs to build no matter the timer says.  I was about ready to quit over this issue so I, for one, am glad they changed it.  I want to thank everyone who read my article and also those who gave feed back to zynga via the link I provided, whether you followed it from me or via Zynga, enough of us were pissed to get them to change it back. Many thanks my friends.

Yours truly,
A temporarily appeased {ℳ} ßrµ†µ§ =Ʀ²Ƒ=

UPDATE: It appears things have NOT "reverted to the previous way your Property Build timers used to work."


  1. i was ready to quit too, thanks for the update

    1. you're welcome, please share this with your friends :)