Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why I Did It - Part 2:
In The Beginning
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

In The Beginning

It was brought to my attention a few weeks ago by a certain mysterious member of the Mafia Wars community that there were at least a few people awaiting the progression of my Mafia Wars ‘memoirs’. Between wrapping up the spring semester (all As again, by the way), another death in the family, and a family situation brewing, I guess I lost my motivation. But then something happened today that reminded me why I wanted to tell it all to begin with.

To proceed, or really, to start, I’ll go back to the beginning. The boring stuff :0)

I resisted Mafia Wars for a short while. It was annoying how my news feed exploded with Mafia Wars posts and constantly getting invitations for it. I was hukt on Facebook for a different game—Knighthood, by Hive7, and later Playdom.

A friend of mine asked me to maintain his Knighthood account when he couldn’t be online for a few days, and as it happens, he also played Mafia Wars. In Knighthood, you were able to recruit others on Facebook to add to your own power level, whether they actually played or not. I quickly saw the benefit of having all those silly Mafia Wars players to recruit to Knighthood, and soon picked up the habit on my own account.

Then I started playing Mafia Wars a little. Filling up the little job mastery bars was somehow interesting, and then I was logging in a few times a day to spend my energy. But I rarely do anything aimlessly and without purpose, at least not for very long, and so it didn’t take long to grasp more of how the game was played and why it was fun having so many Mafia Wars friends. It took a few months, but Mafia Wars eventually supplanted Knighthood completely.

There had been some script use in Knighthood; some were quite cheaty, but others were simply helpful, and I participated in testing and developing some of them with a couple of my script-savvy friends in the Greek alliance. So it follows that not long into my Mafia Wars tenure, I was introduced to a little script called DoJobs, and quickly set about to learn and find more.

So I was in full Mafia Wars swing. Ironically, one of the first sentiments I expressed about Mafia Wars was that it didn’t require constant surveillance as did Knighthood--I didn’t need to constantly monitor the game. That’s what I first thought of Mafia Wars. That has me chuckling now to remember that I thought that. Silly me.

To be continued...

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