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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, July 27, 2012

*updated* Riches To Rags Mission Event 7/27-8/4

Chance to win an Auctioneer (henchmen [192/120])

Lisa Jenning is probably the boss we will be beating down later.

Today's new event is a Mission event, Riches To Rags, announced earlier on the Official Mafia Wars Blog

Mission #1: The Traitor

This will use a fair amount of energy to get the 20 Satchel Charges, one part begging, and one part robbing. The reward for completing this mission is one

Yangtze River Dolphin, animal,  [93/149]

Mission #2: The Heist-man

The first thing is Defeat Toshiki, if you click "Go Now" you will be redirected to the fight page where you will find Toshiki

Declare a war 2 times, and Get Support from your mafia, this Mission should be easy to complete today, or immediately for a few more Reward Points.
Once The Heist-man is completed you will be rewarded with a Beak

Weapon [150/93]


Mission #3: The Stood Up

Collect from your Olympic Stadium 3 times should take 24 hours *or* you can spend the 27 Reward Points.
Job: Evade An Ambush in Chicago will cost 810 energy (do this job 40 times or spend 20 Reward Points)
Rob 22 Olympic Stadiums in London (or spend 55 Reward Points)

Upon  Completion of The Stood Up get one Quick Release Vest, Armor, [150/92]

Mission #4: The Warlord

The first part, ask for 15 Bark Spuds, will post a beg on your wall like this:

The next part is Build 3 Vehicles in the Chop Shop. This part is going to take *me* a couple of days because I had already done my build for this 18 hours. After that fight 150 opponents in London, I will get this part done this morning.
For completing this mission, we get a Mantis, vehicle [92/149]

Mission #5:  The Visitor

This Mission goes pretty quickly:
Part 1: Get 2 crew members.
Part 2: Loot 22 Incriminating Documents from job "Expose a Treachery in your Family" 432 Energy
Part 3: Ice 30 opponents in Brazil
Repeating Loot: Yangtze River Dolphin

Mission #6: The Runner

Part 1: Get support from your Mafia
Part 2: Clear 5 robbing boards
Part 3: Help in 5 wars
Repeating Loot: Quick Release Vest

Mission #7: The Reviver

Part 1: Win 2 wars takes 8 hours to complete
Part 2: Win 150 fights in Brazil as much stamina as it takes
Part 3: Collect from your  Underground Station 3 times 24 hours
Repeating Loot: Beak

Mission #8: The Outbidder

Part 1: Build 3 Weapons in Weapons Depot approx time 3 days
Part 2: Job "Contact a Comando Do Candiru Agent" 40 times (lots of energy)
Part 3: Loot 30 Bark Supds? Spuds from fighting in London
Repeating Loot: Mantis

Mission #9: The Revenger

Part 1: Loot 20 Bark Spuds from robbing in London
Part 2: Ice 50 opponents in Chicago
Part 3: Get Support from your mafia (15 Mission Crew)
The Reward for this one is the Auctioneer

*what's next?*

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