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Saturday, August 25, 2012

2x Builds....where the HELL are you?

If you're like me you have a job.  I work construction/remodel, and computers just aren't really part of my work day, so when the bastages at Zynga SCHEDULE a two FREAKING hour BLOCK of time to do these elusive 2x builds while I am working, it sort of chaps my ass a bit.

I have BLASTED customer support about these damn things numerous times, because I always seem to miss the 30 minute blocks, but the whole 2 hour block in the middle of the damn work day really tore it wide open for me.

I have been sitting on several hundred RPs since then, AND have had 3 days in a row off work.....and there have been no more 2x builds....YES, I have now reached the appropriate level of anger to blog about it.  A friend in my white tag family said it quite well:

It's as if Zynga KNOWS when I am gone (facepalm).  I spend a stupid amount of money on this game only to get shafted by these type of "events" that i can't participate in when I am gone from the computer.  Zynga has set the game up to make it  hard to stay competitive without living by the computer.  Hmmmmm.....I think we should all collectively hire an attorney and SUE the pants off of them for all sorts of punitive damages.

Lately my desire to continue this addiction has been waning.  As more and more people quit, it's easier to run across the egotistical and maniacal players that take the fun out of the game for us who chose not to spend $20k a year on RPs or buy injected accounts.  I have had had people defriend me and remove me from mafia over the pettiest of bullshit. And then Zynga adds fuel to the fire with these 2x builds.

The only real reason I continue to play is because of the decent people and good friends I have met and made.  At this point I still find it too difficult to say goodbye.  But every day and with each damned bi-weekly fire sale and all the special events and CRAP, zynga makes it easier and easier.  The bullies and the ego monsters make it easier and easier.  I am holding out longer than most, and if you are reading this, then you are too. But one day all that will be left will be the monsters.

Wow kinda went to a dark place their :P  In closing, let me say I hate you Zynga, from the heart of my bottom I hate you and what you have done to Mafia Wars.  Now please set up a private 2 hour block of unlimited 2x builds personally for me :D

{ℳ} ɤ ßrµ†µ§ =Ʀ²Ƒ=

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