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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Edge of Triumph Sale Event 8/3

Javelin Thrower, henchmen, stats vary

Another Sale event, and I am on a Mafia Wars spending diet. Oh well... let's see what we've got going on.

Okay so I'm all excited and it says "Buy any 25 items*" oh looky an *asterisk*! What's that about?

Scroll your eyes to the bottom to see, just as in previous "sale events" that "any" means "any item costing more than 5 Reward Points" and voila! The payout of a Javelin Thrower is pretty decent if you are willing to dump that much more cash into this game at this time.

I would think that for spending a minimum of 125 Reward Points to get the top item, it would have an equally high defense as it has attack. I guess not? Pffft. No sale here. Even with 50% off Reward Points, I'm on a serious Mafia Wars spending diet this week.

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