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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, August 17, 2012

*updated* Invisible Velocity Mission Event 8/17

Invisible Velocity Mission Event

Mission #1: In Transit

This one can take up to 36 hours because of the "Build 2 Vehicles in your Chop Shop"
The Job "Fake Your Own Death" is in District 4 in London.
Get Support from your Mafia, send out Mission Crew Requests.

Get a Caribou for completing this Mission.


Mission #2: The Right Kind of House

Part 1: Ask for Ten Froes, post the beg to the wall

Part 2: Rob 45 times in Chicago
Part 3: Defeat Don Ramirez
Click the "Go Now" button and it will take you to the fight list

Don Ramirez has to be killed/attacked 12 times

The Reward for completing this mission is:

Boy Toy, weapon [95/154]

Mission #3: Gloss of Speed

Part 1: Job, "Host Happy Hours on Board" is a Chicago District 5 job
Part 2: Collect from your Sports Stadium 3 times, 24 hours to complete
Part 3: Loot 20 Froes from Robbing, I suggest clicking "Go" and the game will auto-direct you to robbing in Chicago
The Loot Item for completing this mission is

Rapper, henchmen [153/94]

Mission #4: Sunset Haze

Part 1: Beg your mafia for more Froes
Part 2: Help in a war 4 times
Part 3 Fight 120 opponents in Chicago
This one should be pretty quick.
For completing this one we get a Skull Skin

Skull Skin, armor [94/154]

Mission #5: Solitude

Part 1: Clear 10 robbing boards, easy peasy
Part 2: beg for more Froes, seriously
Part 3: Build 3 vehicles in your Chop Shop, so this part could take a little while unless you're willing to spend a few Reward Points on it.
Reward for Completing this mission is repeat of earlier loot, one Caribou and one Boy Toy

Mission #6: Scumbag Blues

Part 1: Win 2 wars, could take 8 hours
Part 2: Get Support from your Mafia,  15 Mission Crew needed
Part 3: Sink a Cargo Ship In Port,  District 5 Brazil job, at Ruby this one is costing me 729 energy & a satchel charge every time.
The Rewards for completing this mission is repeat loot of a Rapper and a Skull Skin

Mission #7: Slow on the Uptake

Part 1: Loot 30 Froes from Fights, I suggest *always* click the "Go Now" button as this one took me to London for the fights. It should be pretty easy
Part 2: Loot 20 Hotsy Totsy from job "Organize a Private Party"  Chicago District 3 job, I am at Ruby so  this one will cost me 810 energy per job, yippee
Part 3: Win 120 fights in Brazil, easy peasy
The Reward for completing this mission is a Caribou and a Skull Skin, more repeat loot.

Mission #8: Afterburner

Part 1: Ice 50 opponents in Chicago, easy peasy
Part 2: Rob 20 Royal Bank, also easy
Part 3: collect from your Truck Stop 3 times, could take 24 hours
Reward for completing this mission is a Rapper and a Boy Toy

Mission #9: Planetary (Go!)

Part 1: Activate 5 crew members in Brazil should be easy
Part 2: Declare a war 2 times, can take 8 hours unless you want to spend the RP's
Part 3: Ice 75 opponents in London, easy peasy.

Mission #10: Soul On Display

Part 1: Rob 25 times in London
Part 2: Ice 80 Opponents in London
Part 3: Win 2 Wars, can take 16 hours
The Reward is a SKYRAY, vehicle [196/125]


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