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Monday, August 13, 2012

Mafia Wars Delayed Reality: Athletes Mystery Bags 8/13

The 2012 Olympic Games officially opened on July 27th, more than two weeks ago, and the Closing Ceremony was on August 12th, yesterday. As with *many* recent events, Zynga has been well behind the times, like back on May 4th, when we finally got April Fool's Foolproof Gift Collection Event (facepalm)
On Saturday morning Mafia Wars seems to have accidentally released the Athletes Mystery Bags You can see on that post that I did not get any of the lovely loot items that we normally get with Limited Time special Mystery Bags, like Pa Barker Mystery Bags had the Pa Barker. This morning these new Athletes Bags were back and with a banner to announce them.

Voila! And I was even able to get two of the new loot item released with this bag:

First Step, Weapon [120/160]
Not bad if you can get a few of these. 
Now that they have released this, and all the bogus purchasing events, maybe, just *maybe*, we can get them to open the third Family Property

I'm not holding my breath, and they're not getting me to purchase anything more for now.  My Mafia Wars spending diet continues.

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