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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

2x Builds...My Thoughts

I am sure everyone has gathered by now that 2x builds are going to be a regular event.  We can be sure these will continue to pop up at various times every week.  I admit I enjoy these 2x builds.  It is fun to see how many reward points I can blow in 30 minutes.  BUT.....yes, BUT, I believe these 2x build are disastrous.  Disastrous to both the game and our wallets.  Let me preach on it...

Surely everyone recalls the health fiasco.  Players had built up so much health that many many players were basically un-iceable.  Zynga finally came up with a solution by changing the damage formula.  Well gee golly if zynga hasn't done gone and basically reintroduced the problem.  2x builds allow a player to rapidly increase their health to the point of being un-iceable all over again.  Congratulations zynga we are all going in a giant circle. (And you can bet zynga is aware of this problem, and likely doing it on purpose).  So i guess they will AGAIN have to alter the damage formula.  And for those of us who have not beefed our health up to 50,000, we will be screwed.  And those of you who did beef your health up will suddenly find your self getting iced :D . You spin me right round like a record.

We can also view this 2x build dilemma from an economics viewpoint.  It is a bit like priniting money.  The more money the government prints, the more worthless it becomes.  The 2x builds introduce a tremendous amount of skill points into the player population, thus devaluing the skill point.  And just as inflation via printing more money really hurts the poor people more than the rich, this mass influx of skill points hurts the non-spending and mild spending players.  I am a spender.  I will easily drop $100 to $200 on a 2x build, but I am not even a big spender, believe it or not. There are players spending much much more than that on these 2x builds.  And even spending what I am, I will never ever come close to catching them.  My skill points have been devalued, and so have yours. And even missing just ONE 2x build greatly hurts the ability to remain competitive.  I have witnessed it.  I missed one 2x build and saw it impact my fighting ability.

I think we all KNOW what this is really all about: MONEY. Zynga has found a new and reliable way to RAPE our wallets and purses.  Of course, I guess you can't rape the willing....however I could argue that many of us are not willing, we are slaves to this addiction.  Zynga knowingly exploits our addiction. It ain't rocket science.  While it is true that zynga is a business that endeavors to earn a profit, their methods are exploitive and disgusting and unethical.  Zynga purposefully creates a crisis and then introduces remedies that essentially require players to spend $$$ in order to continue to enjoy the game.  It would be like a burger joint selling poisoned burgers then ALSO selling an expensive medicine with the burger to keep you from getting sick!!!!!! Mark Pincus is living large while we are scrambling to redeem game cards at 50% off.  

I guess in the mean time I will keep making my bed in a burning house.  I am an addict.

{ℳ} ®2 ҚetąmῗиeҚῗd [SOSA]


  1. True... that's why i've distanced myself from the game and only play it occasionally cuz if you let yourself get caught up in the Zynga wave you'll eventually drown. They do purposely make things/events time sensitive so that u almost have to play 24/7 to max out on the stuff that is required. They are leeches praying on people's online addiction and at the end of the day when you ask yourself what you truly have to show for it ..there's not much...weight gain for sitting countless hours in front of a pc, no social life etc.

  2. Good post. Your insight is tangible. In my opinion this will effect more "spenders" like yourself in that it will devalue the dollar your investing IE skills. I have a different approach to the game. Time and Patience. Recently acquired I might add. I am currently sitting on 1010 skill points 68 rp. I have only returned to my account for 2 weeks. I am enjoying the game more as I see NOT Spending money as the overall sense of accomplishment. If I get out of a day 16 levels some RP and I have increased statistically through builds I see this as win/win. I see your point to this and you are justified in this response. I would be ticked if I dropped even 50 into builds before the 2X only to see my statistical advantage nullified by it.~Billy {m}