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Saturday, October 20, 2012

2x Builds and Game Cards...Where are you???

I will never understand why Zynga loves to establish a clear and identifiable pattern  and then completely break from that pattern.  The pattern I refer to: the predictable appearance of a 2x build on the friday night of a major marketplace promotion (this one being pathetically called "Sports").  I accumulated thousands of reward points Thursday and Friday for the sole purpose of the highly anticipated 2x build....and surprise surprise, it never showed!

Here it is the weekend, I will be home all day today and likely tomorrow watching  football.....and I am sitting on all these reward points.  WHERE THE HELL IS THE 2X BUILD????  What freaking dipshit for brains morons are running this operation??? I mean, I know, I KNOW it is not a new revelation that Zynga is run by the stupidest scum that corporate America has to offer, but what the hell???  I mentioned in another article that you can't "rape the willing" (read it here)...well I am here and I am willing.

Another major problem I have is that the normal Zynga gamecards are vanishing off store shelves and being replaced by similar looking, but very very different Zynga Facebook Game Cards.

In the above picture, the card on the left is the normal Zynga game card. The card on the left offers 155 reward points during normal redemption, and 310 RPs during 50& off redemption.  That is the only card I want.

The card on the right looks deceptively similar, but offers VERY different compensation.  If you choose to value it at $25 you would receive the same amount of RPs you would by using your credit card in the game to buy RPs (via Facebook Credits). With no discount, the card on the right will get you only 106 RPs for $25, and 215 RPs at 50% off.

So it alarms me to see that all the stores in my area, Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, Rite-Aid, Game Stop, Best Buy - all of them, are switching to this card on the right. LAME.  It appears that the normal GCs will still be available online, but I do not have a credit card or bank account....last time I checked the computer does not accept cash.

And Zynga, could you make these cards look any more pathetic? I feel like a freakin sissy fruitcake buying this shit in the stores.  Maybe I should wear a pink tutu and tights and a tiara - that would seem like appropriate attire for buying these cards in public.  It's freakin' embarrassing.

Bottom line: Zynga, for the millionth time, QUIT CHANGING SHIT!!!  Could you at least be consistent???  Jerks. is a picture of a cute puppy lol :D Cheers killas.

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  1. Facebook now manages the gamecard. They know they are sinking fast. When Mafia Wars has over a 6 million DAU they were always negotiating with facebook. They now they have ruined so many things in this game in an attempt to rip people off with the myriad nerfs and adjustments. When they were not so greedy they had more options and different people could play the game. This is just another sign they are trying to grab what they can before the sell it off or the house of cards falls down.