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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New London Districts 9 & 10

Woke up this morning to find that we had two new London Districts to master. 

District 9 is called Turkish Delight. It has 4 levels of Mastery, the usual Bronze Through Ruby. 

District 10 is called Footing The Ball, it has 4 levels of Mastery, the usual Bronze Through Ruby.


District 9

This Districts consumables are "Bellow" and the "Light Wax". The Bellow can be acquired by doing the 3rd Job "Reap The Benefits" You will need these for Jobs #5 "Silence Your Disloyal Associates" and Job#7 "Get Compensation From Insurance Company". You will need 180 of these so try to strategically use your Jobs Bonus Crew for 2x Loot and 2x Mastery. The Light Wax is used for the two bonus jobs that will drop randomly, I do not recommend wasting your time and resources on these jobs because the ratios are not good and the loot is nothing to get excited over. From my perspective these bonus jobs are there to make you further burn through your resources in the hopes that you will buy a refill. When you reach a level of mastery you will be rewarded with the "Fish and Chips Guy" (Good Lord o_0) and the statistics on this item will increase and end with 168/293. The Best Loot Drops:


District 10 

This Districts consumables are the "Fryer" and the "Black and Bloody". The Fryer can be acquired by doing the 2nd Job "Enjoy The Game At Rivals Teams Cost". You will need these for Jobs #4 "Poke Your Teams Victory In Rival Fan's Faces" and #7 "Speak To Your Uncle With Connections". You will need 128 of these so try to strategically use your Jobs bonuses to loot these at 2X and double your mastery. The Black and Bloody is used to complete the bonus jobs of which there are Two that will randomly open and do not have very good ratios at all nor is the loot that drops as I said about District 9. When you reach a level of mastery you are rewarded with the "Football Referee" the statistics will increase depending on you Mastery with the end Stats of 293/168.  The Best Loot Drops:


That is the skinny on these new Districts in a nutshell. I cannot post huge amounts of graphics as I refuse to spend the inordinate amount of Money that will be required to open all this and show you some pretty artwork and graphics. Several of the members of the {M} family are going through these pretty fast with the resources they have available and have made good points to remind us: If you find your self strapped for cash don't forget to sell off your old city loot from the previous districts. You will find yourself strapped for cash if you were unable to take advantage of the recent "secret district" (Oxymoron really, a secret district that everybody knows about o-0 ) and store up London Pounds. You will need a total of 1193400 pounds to complete both districts.  

In my opinion these two new districts are pretty lame. Instead of a new area we get these not so secret districts which have nothing to offer. The job ratios are not as good as the previous ratios in District 8 of 2.28. District 10 highest offering is 2.25, this might not seem like much difference but when the game has been geared to cater to fighters and clans, of which have lower average energy resources, it makes a huge difference to these players who are spending money on the game to increase there statistics to fight. With the latest release of new fight loot these best items they offer should be a lot better as the cost in resources to acquire any meaningful amount to make a difference, are disproportionate to the games current leanings to fighting. 


Other loot dropping:
                                                 Point Being, armor [139/96]

Pip-pip Charge, vehicle [139/96]

Regal Crown, armor [96/139]

Now Scoot, vehicle [139/96]

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