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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Skate or Die Mission Event 10/26

Grand Prize, Skateboarder, henchmen [216/145]

We have 14 days and 17 hours to complete this mission event and collect the Grand Prize.

Mission #1: Initial Run

Part 1: Rob 15 Refineries in Brazil. Pretty easy.
Part 2: Loot 20 Lead Catcher from Job "Expose a Treachery in your Family" Clicking "Go Now" will take you to District 2 in Chicago, job #4. At Ruby level this cost me 432 Energy per click.
Part 3: Ask for Hide & Split from Mafia. Posts a Beg on the feed.

The Rewards: 1 Roadster Yacht, vehicle [186/125] (experience will vary)

Mission #2: Working Grind Rails

Part 1: Build 2 Weapons in the Weapons Depot: This one is going to take me a little while as I had already made today's weapon. We can always choose to spend the RP to speed this up.
Part 2: Acquire 20 weapons: Clicking "Go Now" will take you to the City Store (it took me to London) where you can buy the 20 weapons needed. 
Part 3: Loot 23 Weezle Waster from Robbing in Chicago: 

Rewards for completing this mission:  1 African Ostrich, animal [125/186] (experience will vary)

Mission #3: Do a Barrel Roll

Part 1: Clear 5 Robbing Boards. Clicking "Go Now"  takes us to London robbing. Pretty easy.
Part 2: Collect from your Headquarters three times. Can take up to 24 hours.
Part 3: Get Support from your Mafia send out Mission Crew requests.
The Reward for completing: one Fireman Jacket, armor [186/125] (experience varies)

Mission #4: Kick The Flip

Part 1: Get 3 crew members. Clicking "Ask Now" takes you to requesting city crew.
Part 2: Rob 30 Sports Stadium in London. Pretty easy!
Part 3: Job Collect Income From Your Establishments (0/25). Clicking "Go Now" takes us to Chicago District 3. Ruby level job is costing me 702 energy per click. Still pretty easy.
The Reward: 1 Hand Some, Weapon [125/186] (experience will vary)

Mission #5: Lip Trick

Part 1: Loot 22 London Tour Guide from job "Lay a Trap for the Royal" in London. Clicking "Go Now" will take you to London  District 3, this job (at Ruby level) will cost me 864 Energy per click.
Part 2: Win 3 wars. Can take up to 24 hours
Part 3: Loot 13 Fur Collar Vest from fights in Chicago. Pretty simple.
The Reward for completing: A Roadster Yacht and a Fireman Jacket (experience will vary)

Mission #6: Hang Time

Part 1: Win 38 fights in London. Pretty simple.
Part 2: Build 2 vehicles in the Chop Shop. This one will take me at least 27 more hours since I built this morning. I always have the option to buy my way out for 8 RP
Part 3: Ask for 19 Hide and Split from mafia. Posts a beg in the news feed.
The Rewards for completing: One Roadster Yacht and one African Ostrich. (experience will vary)

Mission #7:  Grabber's Ball

Part 1: Job Burn Down a Brand New Condo" 30 times. Clicking "Go Now" takes us to London District 2. At Ruby Level this job will cost me 540 Energy per click.
Part 2: Help in a War 7 times. Simple enough
Part 3: Fight 60 Opponents in Chicago. Also simple.
Rewards for Completing are one Hand Some and one Fireman Jacket (experience will vary)

Mission #8: The Last Ramp

Part 1: Declare a War 2 times. Will take up to 16 hours.
Part 2: Win 60 Fights in London. Pretty simple!
Part 3: Clear 3 Robbing Boards.
The Rewards for Completing: An African Ostrich and a Hand Some (experience will vary)

Mission #9: Boardmasters

Part 1: Fight 60 Opponents in Brazil. Easy!
Part 2: Rob 10 Royal Bank. Also very easy!
Part 3: Ask for 15 Hide and Split from mafia: Post another beg in the feed.
The Rewards for completing: One Skateboarder (experience will vary)

Mission #10: Bonus Mission: Hammerhead Faceplant

Part 1: Collect from Sports Stadium three times. Can take up to 24 hours.
Part 2: Ice 25 Opponents in London. Easy!
Part 3: Take out Alex Nash

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