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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

*** UPDATED*** That's a Wrap Secret District 10/7

*** UPDATE***
I'm going to re-iterate my opinion here real quick, I suggest doing the first level and staying there until you can collect all the items needed to get the skill points. (New Loot Items at bottom of page)
*** UPDATE***

Gun Cam,  weapon (reward for defeating Kurt Reel) [stats vary]
Let's begin at the end, the Boss fight, because I know you want those combo's now!

Today's new Boss is Kurt Reel, you will need the following combo's to defeat him:

And now, on to the top of the page: Travel to "That's a Wrap" in London where you will see this at the top of the page: 

The little question mark at the top right corner shows us another pop up: Here is where we see the loot item (reward) for completing the jobs part of the district. The Film Camera, weapon [stats vary]

We will be sending out lots of Electronic Clapper-boards (consumable needed for jobs) and 2x Loot.
We'll want a lot of the 2x loot so we can complete the collection part and get those awesome skill points!
Watch for these to drop:
 Tripod, weapon [148/97]
Fireproof Suit, armor [97/148]
Electric Cart, vehicle [148/97]

Jobs! [[watch for bandits!]]

And from here, we go back to the boss fight, Defeat Kurt Reel, at the top of the page! Have fun!

*** UPDATE***
Other Loot Items Dropping here are:
Lighting Assistant, henchmen [103/153]

Film Maker, henchmen [157/101]

1 comment:

  1. The Film Maker doesn't drop. It's an old Marketplace item.