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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Street Race Crate Bundle Sale 12/8

For the low price of 135 Reward Points you can get this Street Race Crate Bundle. This new Bundle idea has Zynga by the short hairs, and they will bundle pretty much anything at this point, if you are willing to part with some cash for the items included. I am not so inclined this week. 

The top item that they "assure" you will get is one Camoface, a nice piece of Armor with very nice numbers. Here are the other items you could get in the Street Race Crates.

Common Items:
Blue Blade, vehicle [189/144]
NoS Tank, weapon [189/144]
Lethal Chassis. weapon 144/189]
Uncommon Items:
Aftermarket Dealer, henchmen [149/204]
Rally Rapid, vehicle [149/204]
Speed Demon, henchmen [204/149]
Rare Items:
Camoface, armor [159/219]
Grid Girl, henchmen [219/159]

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