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Saturday, December 8, 2012

For The People Build Event 12/8

In their usual "one month after the fact" timeliness, Zynga has begun a new event "For The People" Limited Time Beg and Build Event

We will be collecting Parts (Vote Badge) 

These instructions are weirdly vague while attempting to be extremely specific (again) so let's see what they *might* be trying to explain... 30 parts from friends clicking on your feed, okay... 10 parts per day by clicking on your friends feed, okay... and what the hell is that, get up to 5 per day from jobs (2/5) that makes no sense at all to me so I am *GUESSING* it is up to 45 parts per day, 30 from friends clicking your feed, 10 from you clicking their feed, and 5 more from jobs. Moving on...

Build a Liberty, animal [varies]
or build a Fifth Freedom, vehicle [varies]
Each build the number of parts needed will go up. I'm guessing I will collect a lot of parts before I begin building and will probably build the Liberty because of the attack points gained versus the energy points on the Fifth Freedom.
Have fun!

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