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Thursday, December 20, 2012

***UPDATED*** Richie's Stash Limited Time Beg-a-thon 12/24

Oh look, there was too much going on in the game, so Zynga added one more thing!

Right here, on the banner, where it says "Ask For Parts" is an "Any Part" beg post, so there are some more parts for you there!

Ask for parts, this means lots and lots of begging, right?
I see eight items to build, and since I am a VIP player, I see absolutely *nothing* that will help my numbers except for the reward for leveling up this thing, the Bagpipe Player:

Bagpipe Player, henchmen, bronze level [130/210]
To get Bronze, I need to build all 8 items.  Almost time for some math, old school.

Here is what clicking the little question mark gets us:

This one explained pretty well for a change! Nice work Zyngons!

The begging: Four different parts, each part can be posted every 8 hours. Yes, all four parts, every 8 hours, five parts from friends clicks per post. We also, of course, have the option to spend Reward Points on this (expletive deleted).

Here are the items we will be building:

I added up all the parts needed to build all 8 items for the bronze, and I got a total of 96 parts needed. Since we can only collect up to 75 per day, that means, maybe tomorrow I will get to Bronze level Bagpipe Player.  

If I did my old math correctly, I see 600-675 parts available to us in the 8 days and 15 hours alotted. I wonder if we can complete this more than once? I guess we'll find out.

 Also, I do not know if we will need even *more* parts to build the Silver or Gold levels to get the Bagpipe Players.


Uh Yep!
We will need even more parts for the Silver level: Here is the build pop-up with the numbers needed for Silver items: Even better Stats!

Using old math I cam up with a total of 144 parts needed to make all 8 of these items to get the Silver Bagpipe Player. Let the begging continue!

Gold Level: Best Stats!

Gold Level builds will take a total of 240 parts! Get to beggin'!

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