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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mafia Poker: Aces Low

How, exactly, does a pair of aces and a pair of nines NOT beat a pair of Jacks?

Ohhh right. This is Zynga Poker, not the real thing. This image was posted in the MwG group. The "dealer", Juliana, has a pair of Jacks. The player has two pair--a pair of aces and a pair of nines. I am not a Poker mastermind, but PokerStars could attest that I'm not much of a loser, and yet I've never seen a hand like this lose. Hard luck, indeed.  (I wonder what Gesus would say about this hand).

Zynga wants to blame this sort of "error" on multi tabs or scripts, but there are just too many reports of this. Including, reports of the same from people who are known not to use scripts.

Like I said, jokingly, yesterday, my money is on this just being a Zynga bug. Zynga would be well advised to address issues on their side, instead of attempting to place blame elsewhere. Particularly when there are lots of players who don't use scripts and are even adamant about not using scripts. My guess would be that one or two players may have submitted an uncropped screen shot showing bookmarklets on their browser bar and so Zynga jumped to a quick case-closed.

I use scripts. Daily. I use multi-tabs. Daily. Yet I haven't encountered this issue. I may be a small fish in the pond, but this suggests, to me at least, that the problem might not be limited to script users and multi-tabbers. The problem might just be Zynga, after all.

Please contain your amazement and surprise.

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