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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Current Capacity Limited Time Beg and Build Event 1/5

Charged Up, weapon, Emerald [174/127]
Current Capacity Limited Time Beg and Build Event

Click "ask" to post a beg for a Capacitor!

Current Capacity Build event: Clicking the tiny question mark takes us to this pop up: Here we are again with the Zyngons trying to explain their own stuff. If I am doing Zynga math correctly, it appears we can collect up to 45 parts per day. I could be wrong, of course, it *is* Zynga.

"If you fail to collect the items before the beginning of the next event, items built will automatically be added to your inventory." -NICE!

After collecting as many parts as you can, you then choose what to do next. Do you want to build at the lower levels, or do you want to upgrade as high as you can first? Which item do you want the most of, or which one will help your stats the most? The Ruby and Emerald level Charged Up will gain us Defense Points, while the Ruby and Emerald level Solarized will gain us Stamina  Points. 

Closed this, and clicked "Build Now" and we see the build area: The Charged Up is a weapon, and my weapon numbers are pretty good, but my vehicle numbers are lagging a little bit, so I will probably build Solarized, but only after I level it up to Emerald.

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