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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Monday, January 28, 2013

***UPDATED*** Face It Secret District (Brazil) 1/28

Face It Secret District

Be sure to collect a lot of  2x Boosts and Surgical Gloves, consumables:

Collect these items to get skill points!
Size Zero, weapon [164/113]
Scrubs, armor [114/164]
Topper, vehicle [113/163]

As always, I suggest getting all of these items before moving past the bronze level of completion.

Collect 10 of each item to get 5 attack points
Collect 25 of each item to get 5 defense points
Collect 50 of each item to get 5 skill poins

Clicking the tiny question mark shows us this pop up:

This shows us the loot item for completing the jobs part of this district (Ruby level shown)

Handy,  armor [varies]

The Jobs, there will be bandits

and most likely a secret job hidden in here somewhere:

Down to the Boss Fight:

Clicking the cute little question mark will give us this pop-up:
This is the *only* place where you can post a beg for the Surgical Gloves:

Reward for defeating this boss is a Smooth Finish, weapon [varies]

Let's defeat Nurse Nicolasa with these Boss Fight Combos:

Other Loot Items Dropping

Red-tailed Amazon, animal [172/119]

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