Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Knife Holder Mission Event 3/4

A New Mission Event to get this week started.

Grand Prize, Cut and Pierced, weapon [161/235]

All Missions have the option to pay to complete (Pay Rewards Points)
Mission #1:  And So It Begins

Part 1: Ice 1 Opponents in London. Clicking "Go Now" will take you to London fight page. Easy.
Part 2: Declare a War 1 Times. Also very easy.
Part 3: Collect from your truck shop 1 times. Very easy, can take 8 hours if you just collected London Property.
Rewards for Completing: Farmer's Hat, armor [205/143] (experience will vary)

Mission #2:  Women's Intuition

Part One: Get 2 Crew Members.  Send City Crew requests. Easy.
Part Two: Fight in 5 Shootout Arenas. Oh goody. Easy.
Part three: Rob 40 times in Chicago. Also very easy.
Rewards for Completing: One Lil' Baron,  vehicle [205/145] (experience will vary)

Mission #3: Lean On Me

Part 1: Ask for 3 Equilateral from Mafia. Posts this beg to the news feed:

Part 2: Win  20 Fights in London. Very simple.
Part 3: Loot 20 Historian from Jobs "Steal Confidential Medical Records". Clicking "Go Now" takes us to Brazil district 5. This job, at Ruby level, will cost me 648 Energy per click. Possibly 40 clicks to collect all 20 Historians.
Rewards for Completing: Red Beetle, animal [144/205] (experience varies)

Mission #4:  Friendly Gossip

Part 1: Loot 30 Baggy Vest from Job "Order a Hit on Disloyal Associates" Clicking "Go Now" will take us to Chicago District 3. This job at Ruby level will cost me 864 energy per click.
Part 2: Build 2 Weapons in the Weapons Depot. Since I already built my weapon for today, I can build one now for 8RP or wait until the timer is up in 10 hours 45 minutes and build the first one, the second one 18 hours later. I also have the option of spending the 8RP in the Mission to skip this part.
Part 3: Loot 70 Hartebeest from fights in London. Clicking "Go Now" will take us to the fight in London.

Rewards for completing: Astronomer, henchmen [145/204] (experience will vary)

Mission #5:  Self Loyalty

Part 1: Ask for 8 Power Cards from Mafia. Posts a Beg to the news feed.
Part 2: Loot 50 Wheel-O-Dynamic from Robbing. Clicking "Go Now" will take us to Chicago Robbing Board.

Wheel-O-Dynamic, vehicle [102/167]

Part 3: Loot 40 Mr. Lead from Job "Work with the PI at the Crime Scene". Clicking "Go Now"  takes us to London District 3. Ruby level this job costs me 756 Energy per click.

Mr. Lead, weapon [168/101]

Rewards for Completing:  Red Beetle, Astronomer (experience will vary)

Mission #6:  Smarter than you Think

Part 1: Build 3 vehicles in the Chop Shop. This one will take me another 54 hours since I just built, or I can spend the 12 RP's to complete now.
Part 2: Declare a War 4 times. This will take 36 hours or I can spend the 16 RP's to complete now.
Part 3: Ice 30 Opponents in Chicago. Easy and simple.
Rewards for Completing: A Farmer's Hat and a Lil' Baron (experience will vary)

Mission #7:  Hide and Seek

Part 1: Get Support from your Mafia. Clicking "Ask Now" takes us to the free gift send out mission crew requests.
Part 2:  Rob 30 Times in Chicago. Clicking "Go Now" takes us to Chicago Robbing Boards. Easy.
Part 3:  Deal out 3600 Damage in the Shootout Arena. Clicking "Go Now"  takes us to the Arena. Get some damage in and collect the rewards from this mission!
Rewards for Completing: Lil' Baron, vehicle [205/145] and Red Beetle, animal [144/205] (experience will vary)

Mission #8:  More Than Words

Part 1:  Loot 30 Devil's Delight from Robbing. Clicking "Go Now" takes us to Robbing in London.

Devil's Delight, vehicle [163/989]

Part 2:  Build 5 Arena Power Ups.  Clicking "Go Now" will take you to the Arena. Click on "Power Ups". We need some Power Cards to make these. Clicking "Ask" for the power cards will post the Beg post to the news feed so your mafia can send you some Power Cards.  I built 5 Health Refills, I use those the fastest.
Part 3: Win 50 Fights in London. Very simple!
Rewards for Completing: a Farmer's Hat and an Astronomer. (experience will vary)

Mission #9:  Sweet Revenge

Part 1: Collect from your Headquarters 2 times. This part will take me another 20+ hours since I just collected this.
Part 2: Ice 25 Opponents in London. Pretty simple.
Part 3: Ask for 4 Equilateral from Mafia.  Posts a beg to the news feed.

Rewards for Completing: A Cut and Pierced, weapon [161/235] (experience will vary)

Mission #10: Bonus Mission:  In Safe Hands. Not!

Part 1: Acquire 10 weapons. Clicking "Go Now"  take us to the Brazil City Store. Purchase 10 weapons to complete.
Part 2: Job "Case Warehouses On The North Side". Clicking "Go Now" takes us to Chicago District 2. Ruby Level this job costs me  378 Energy per click.
Part 3: Get 50 Arena Ices in Shootout Arena. Pretty simple.
Rewards for completing: Cut and Pierced, weapon [161/235]

More to come...

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