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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, March 1, 2013

In The Marketplace 3/1

Bullet Ant, Limited Edition, animal [150/222]

There is so very much on sale in the Marketplace right now: Super Scarab, Collector's Edition, vehicle [222/151]

This banner does not say how much the item costs. It costs 46 Rewards Points

As I clicked my way through the Marketplace today, I noticed this little item:

There are multiple offers:

These cost a lot of Rewards Points but if you want more Skill Points, Skill King is pretty nice and comes with some Apocalypse Crates.

What's inside an Apocalypse Crate:
Vagabond, henchmen [153/203]
Chain King, weapon [203/154]
Muck Monkey, vehicle [153/203]
Merch-man, henchmen [159/218]
Spineshank, weapon [218/159]
Dust Raider, henchmen [159/2118]
Hemlee Hurricane, vehicle [169/233]
Apocalyptech Mark-XXI, armor [233/170]

Skill King Plus comes with some okay things, and some Classic Crates What's in a Classic Crate but costs 460 Rewards Points
Arena Champion, way to burn Rewards Points on Arena Boosts. (The 9 Stamina Refill makes this an okay deal) at 100 Rewards Points

Loot Lord: 52% off = 200 Rewards Points

Limited Edition Loot Items:
Most of these are 35 Rewards Points each, and there are many more in the Marketplace

Breathe Easy, armor [222/150]
Bullet Ant, animal [150/222]
Death Sphere, weapon [147/222]
Tesla Armor, armor [148/222]
Boomboxer, henchmen [147/222]

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