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Friday, May 10, 2013

Pyromaniac Seven Day Sale Event 5/10

Just like the No Strings Attached sale event, this goes on for seven days. We have seven new loot items, and we get skill points with each purchase.

Each day the loot items get a little bit better, and so do the skill points.

Day one item is a Flame Wheel, vehicle 224/164 *and* +1 skill point.
Day two item is 2 Cinders, weapon, 165/224 *and* + 2 skill points.
Day three item is 3 Flame Proofs, armor 164/225 *and* +3 skill points.
Day four item is 4 Embers, animal 225/165 *and* +4 skill points.
Day five item is 5 Flared Ups,  weapon 225/164 *and* +5 skill points.
Day six item is 6 Firebirds, vehicle 164/225 *and* +6 skill points.
Day seven item is 7 Pyromen, henchmen 164/225 *and* +7 skill points.

How the deal works:

So, if I want to end this event with 35 Pyromen, I have to purchase 5 of *each* days deal so that I can purchase 5 Pyromen deals. Pricey.
If you purchase this deal all the way through day seven, one of each day's deal, it will cost 315 Reward Points, and you will get 28 loot items and 28 skill points. This comes out to about 11.25 RP per item with the points included. 
These sales are usually followed by one of those fill-in-the-bar sale events, and this sale usually counts towards completion on that sale as well.

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