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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MAFIA WARS new mission event loot, Ice Season loot revisited

New items have been added to the Mafia Wars inventory.....or have they? What to my wondering eyes should appear, I see new mission loot has been added! Hopefully our next mission event will not be all jacked up when it's released this time! Presuming that's what this loot is for, anyway. I was a little puzzled by the other items. Your instinct may be to get excited and cry "Yay new fight loot!" but look closely--we've seen many of these items as the Ice Season rewards. What you haz up your sleeve, oh Zynga?

Rough Vest (A:157 D:116) [Armor] from Fighting

Compound Pulse Rifle (A:116 D:157) [Weapon] from Fighting
Bruiser (A:158 D:117) [Henchmen] from Fighting
White Lion (A:117 D:158) [Animal] from Fighting
Whitecap Racer (A:159 D:118) [Vehicle] from Fighting
Ribbed Ankle Boots (A:118 D:159) [Armor] from Fighting
Skull Cracker (A:116 D:169) [Weapon] from Fighting
Ed the Mechanic (A:171 D:117) [Henchmen] from Fighting
Saw Shark (A:119 D:173) [Animal] from Fighting
Updraft Chopper (A:175 D:121) [Vehicle] from Fighting
Invader Helmet (A:121 D:177) [Armor] from Fighting
Rotator Shotty (A:179 D:122) [Weapon] from Fighting
Mole (A:98 D:167) [Henchmen] from Mission
Pug (A:128 D:82) [Vehicle] from Mission
White Chocolate (A:83 D:127) [Vehicle] from Mission
Metal Shoulder Pad (A:127 D:84) [Armor] from Mission
Biker Vest (A:84 D:126) [Armor] from Mission

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