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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Predator Stat Cards 9/01

In the eight months plus since this new Zynga gimmick: Collectable Stat Cards post, I don't see any great changes to what they've done here.  Just out of some sick sense of curiosity I went to look at this a little more closely today. I have to say, unless someone else can convince me otherwise, this is the absolute worst crap Zynga has put out to date. There is a "chance" to loot this fancy item:

Giant Wheel, Vehicle [225/225]

My question is this: How much of a chance? Is it like the California Lottery, or the Mega Millions? Those odds are at least printed *plainly* on all of the lottery materials. This is a mess! 

Even if you bought these cards at the *magnificently* discounted rate of 3 for 42 Reward Points, to get a full set, you would spend 504 Reward Points to get enough cards to fill all 36 purple spaces!

That would be great if you got a different card every single time, and zero duplicates, but I am assuming that doesn't happen; it is *Zynga* after all. 
No Sale.

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