Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, November 23, 2012



Well, I told you it was coming in my last post so don't kill the messenger! Yes folks, on top of Mafia Poker, IceBoard, Arena, Secret District, Robbing Spree, Timed Mission Event, The Raven, we now have a new property to complete. Or get to level 11 or 12 with the time and limits on parts collection they impose hoping you will pay the monthly VIP VIG (Vigorish Or VIG)  for the added perk of a few more days, of which, I have heard, your mafia cannot help you with anyway when the event shuts down for all but VIP. Here are a few of the items you can build up to that might be worth your time depending on how your building your character:

I am going to try and shoot for the 6 energy. However it is doubtful I will make as I have only made it to level 12 on the last 2 as I refuse to set a STOPWATCH for begging. Admittedly I was diligent and although I was I would have never made it to 15. Maybe its me, I don't know. (Probably me, I am sure some of you are more on the ball with this stuff) These properties have their advantages. For the new or newer players it affords them options without the cost of parts of which can set many people back when wanting to build for the skills these properties offer. So far as I have seen the last 2 properties have offered resource stats which can really help players who are focusing on Attack and Defense. It can balance out the need for energy or stamina. 

I hope you make it to the level you desire! ~Billy

PS: Event Overload got you stressed out? Remember, this is only a game. You can walk away if you find yourself stressed out. If you need assistance:   ;-)

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