Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Vendredi noir... quel desastre! 11/23

Black Friday, what a disaster!

In less than 12 hours, Zynga, Facebook and Mafia Wars have been working hard to alienate their own, very loyal, customers, again.

Several members of my Mafia Wars Family and other players have been so excited about the %60 Off Reward Points Black Friday Sale that they either a) Ran right out and bought Zynga Game cards at a local retailer or b) purchased on line Reward points, only to discover that:
They were now Facebook credits, and that Zynga or Mafia Wars was somehow unable to recognize their purchases.  There have been many exchanges between these players and Customer Service. As far as I can tell so far, there is still no resolution.

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