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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cupid's Dead 7 day sale event 2/5

Red-back Spider, animal [151/212] (day 7 item)

This sale is just like the Gearhead Sale Event .
Usually, when they start one of these 7 day sale events, Zynga also starts one of those buy 5 items to get a loot item sales like In With The New sale event during the Gearhead event. I would wait until later tonight or first thing tomorrow before I started buying in to this sale. 

What we're buying here:

How it works:

So, if we purchase all seven days, one time through, we will spend (45 RP per day x 7 days =315 RP)
For the 315 RP we will get 28 loot items and 28 skill points. 315 RP /28 items = 11.25 RP per item (does not count the 28 Skill Points, just the items)

Struck Out, weapon [211/150]
Decaying, weapon [150/211]
Whiffed Away, armor [211/150]
Roadkill, vehicle [151/211]
Blind Date, armor [212/151]
Thorn Apart, weapon [151/212]
Red-Back Spider, animal [151/212]

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