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Monday, February 4, 2013

***UPDATED*** Richie's Stash #2: Beg-a-thon (Shark Tooth) 2/4

Shark Tooth, vehicle [232/144] (Gold level)
This Beg-a-thon is going to be very much like the last Richie's Stash. Click the link to review.
Richie's Stash Beg-a-thon

If you click the cute little question mark on the banner, you get this pop-up

Just like last time, we will get to post the begs (there are a total of 5 beg posts) every 8 hours, and receive up to 75 parts per day. 

These four begs and the "ask for parts" (aka any part) on the banner.

What we are building: Bronze Level

The Bronze Level will use 96 parts, just like it did last time. Since the number of parts needed is just like last time, I am going to assume that the Silver and Gold levels are the same number of parts respectively as well. Last time UPDATED Richie's Stash we needed 144 parts to build the Silver level, and 240 parts to build the Gold level.

The Loot Item, Shark Tooth, may have sounded familiar to you, it sure did to me. This is our earlier post that contained a Shark Tooth Group Sale and Limited Edition Loot Items 23 October 2012


Silver level Build will require 144 parts, just like the last Richie's Stash Beg A Thon to complete all 8 items.

For the Gold Level I am guessing it will also be the same number of parts as the last Gold builds were, 240 total parts to complete all 8 items.

Gold Level Builds will require 240 parts to complete all 8

1 comment:

  1. Just a note to watch your inventory. I finished Silver Level, but don't have the Sharktooth in my inventory. Contacted Chat Live and they said they showed I finished it and should be in inventory - wasn't able to resolve so they said should respond to Zynga's email about chat session and gave me 30 rp. I responded this morning, but who knows how long it'll take them.