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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Heart of Hell Mission Event 2/7

Deep Impact, weapon [231/157]

Heart of Hell Mission Event

Mission #1:  Look at Me

Part 1: Collect from your headquarters 2 times. This part will take me a little over 8 hours to complete. If you just collected from Brazil, this will take 16 more hours.
Part 2: Job: Case Warehouses on the North Side. Clicking "Go Now" takes us to Chicago District 2.  At Ruby Level this job will cost me 378 energy per click x 15 =  5760.
Don't forget, you can always spend Reward Points to finish part of these early.
Reward for Completing: 1 Firescape, armor [139/201] (experience will vary)

Mission #2: Only One I See

Part 1: Loot 20 Newsboy from jobs "Bet on the kid losing the Championship fight" in London. licking "Go Now" takes us to London, district 1. This job, at Ruby level, will cost me 324 Energy per click.

Part 2: Rob 38 Refineries in Brazil. Very simple.
Part 3: Ask for 5 1 Iron from your mafia. Posts a beg to get some of these:

Rewards for completing:  WAC Panic Room, vehicle [139/201] (experience will vary)

Mission #3: Very Extraordinary

Part 1: Declare a War 2 times. Easy, will take 16 hours unless you want to spend the RPs.
Part 2: Ask for 10 Power Cards from your Mafia. Posts a Beg to the feed.
Part 3: Loot 60 HYRAX from Robbing in Chicago.

Rewards for completing: Ankole Watusi, animal [201/139] (experience will vary)

Mission #4:  Everyone that you Adore

Part 1: Get two crew members. Sends Mission Crew requests.
Part 2: Build 2 vehicles in the Chop Shop. This will take about 3 hours unless you want to spend the RPs.
Part 3: Fight in 15 shootout Arenas. Oh goody.
Rewards for completing: Bricklayer, henchmen [201/139] (experience will vary)

Mission #5: All That I Can Give To You

Part 1: Win 13 Fights in London. Very simple.
Part 2: Loot 20 Needle Magic from fights in shootout Arena. More Arena stuff.
Part 3: Job: Work with the PI at the Crime Scene. Clicking "Go Now" takes us to London, District 3. This job, at Ruby Level, will cost me 756 energy per click x 35 clicks = 26,460 energy for this last part for me.
Rewards for Completing: A Firescape and an Ankole Watusi (experience will vary).

Needle Magic, weapon [97/164]

Mission #6: More Than A Game For Two

Part 1:  Build 3 Arena Power Ups. Clicking "Go Now' takes us to the Arena. Click "Power Ups". I built 3 health refills. You can skip this for 6 RP.
Part 2: Loot 25 Mister Brown from job "Dispose of a Police Chief: in Brazil. Clicking "Go Now" takes us to Brazil, district 2. At Ruby level this job costs me 216 energy per click.

Part 3: Ice 150 opponents in Chicago. Simple.
Rewards for completing: WAC Panic Room, vehicle [139/201]
Bricklayer, henchmen [201/139]
(experience will vary)

Mission #7: Two Can Make It

Part 1: Loot 20 Big Made from fights in London.  Simple.

Part 2: Rob 23 times in Chicago. Easy.
Part 3: Trade 10 Tracing Wheel for 10 Need Knife. Posts a beg
Rewards for Completing: Ankole Watusi, WAC Panic Room (experience varies)

Mission #8: Take My Heart

Part 1: Build 2 weapons in the weapons depot. This part will take up to 18 hours.
Part 2: Help in a war 3 times.
Part 3: Fight 100 opponents in London.
Rewards for completing: Firescape, Bricklayer (experience will vary)

Mission #9: Please Don't Break It

Part 1: Deal 4000 Damage in Shootout Arena. Get into the Arena and deal out that Damage!
Part 2: Win 2 Wars. Can take up to 24 hours if you just declared a war before you start this mission.
Part 3: Win 150 fights in London. Very simple.
Reward for Completing: 1 Deep Impact, weapon [231/157] (experience will vary)

Mission #10: Love is for me and you

Part 1: Collect from your Truck Shop 3 times. Clicking "Go Now" will take us to Chicago properties. This will take up to 24 hours to collect all 3 times. (Or spend 36 RP to skip)
Part 2: Get 30 Arena Ices in Shootout Arena. More Arena stuff yippee. (Or spend 75 RP to skip)
Part 3: Acquire 30 weapons. Clicking "Go Now" will take us to the Brazil City Store where we can buy these 30 weapons for Brazil cash. (Or spend 60 RP to skip)
Rewards for Completing: Deep Impact, weapon [231/157] (experience will vary)

More to come ...

1 comment:

  1. I think I am finally NOT going to finish a mission. This mission is ridiculous - you need 20 items to drop from the arena and after spending about 25,000 in stamina I only have 8 and have only been able to get them to drop from the 500 stamina fights. Just isn't worth it - of course I can buy it for 30+ reward points, but that's ridiculous.