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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Freeze Limited Time Arena Power Up 2/27

Freeze, new Arena Power Up, More Arena Push

In the 9 zillionth attempt to make the Arena more exciting than it is, Zynga has decided it needed a Freeze to help make it more popular.

We get to post a Power Card Beg from this banner, which is nice, because we can build one Freeze for 2 Power Cards (limited time only 12 days 10 hours remain)

Since I had some power cards, I built a few. Here is what they do:

"Block an opponent from attacking you (10s). Cooldown 10s."

When these expire, it appears they will revert to Power Cards. I assume we will not get 2 cards for each Freeze. I *assume* we will only get 1 Power Card per Freeze, but they aren't saying.

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