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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Nonevent

Last night I was up late, and when 12 midnight Pacific time came and went, I realized Zynga hadn't yet unleashed upon us this years's Easter event. When I woke up this morning, I was sure there would be Thugs Bunnies and Paisley Eggs in my face as soon as I logged into Mafia Wars. When that didn't happen, I thought I must still be dreaming!

I missed Easter in Mafia Wars in 2009 by about a month, but last year we had a metric arse ton of Easter-themed pixels, including this guy, Thugs Bunny.

And remember these? Before the event was over, we had more of these things than we'd ever be able to get rid of!

This Easter so far has been refreshingly quiet. We still have a little over a day to cash in on that stupid spider event, and a little over 4 more days on the Against All Odds mission event. We're still wondering about this Death and Taxes event, and now no Easter event. Could it be possible that someone at Zynga just forgot to flip the switch? That must be it. I believe the world will come to an end before Zynga lets us play the game in peace for even a day without SOME event going on.


  1. or they listed to all the complaints about too many begging events? I would have liked a pure hide and seek event... something without pestering that made you figure out from the names of jobs where to find loot.

  2. Whatever the reason, it was a most welcome experience to be freed of the incessant non events that have been concurrently thrust upon us. Heaven forbid they even bother to work the kinks out prior to foisting this crap off onto loyal fans. Perhaps the zyngots are listening to us and are steadfastly working to effect corrections of the defects that exist within the confines normal game play. Yeah...ONLY IN BIZZARRO WORLD!!!