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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

new secret stash spam/scam?

I'm starting to get a few of these things posted on my wall. First of all, the mere title is a ginormous red flag. "Mafia Wars 1,000 Reward Points Bonus". Now does that really sound like something Zynga would do? And I immediately noticed the little "" blurb underneath the title. Zynga uses their own url shortener. This is disguised as a Secret Stash - something that we would normally click on when they are posted to their wall, but there's nothing mentioned about any stashes in the post itself.

Hesitantly, I clicked on the wall post, and it brought me to this page. C'mon, do I even need to pick this one apart? It's obviously not legit, it's obviously not from Zynga. Pfft. A "PIN code" that looks suspiciously like javascript code? Just delete these if they are posted on your wall, and examine your stashes closely before clicking.

I can't even imagine what the creator of these posts is after, don't even care. But it's obviously trying to propagate itself and it's obviously not Zynga, so it's automatically suspect.

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