Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

'Hidden' Atlantic City District

Atlantic City Intro: Petty Crimes

For those of us who have completed the Uptown, Boardwalk, South Jersey and Camden County districts in Atlantic City you won't see the Intro: Petty
Crimes district in there at all. That is a total of 24 skill points that somebody who hasn't yet started Atlantic City will get because they can see the Intro district. Take heart though, there is a work around to get this.

First you will have to go to
This will take you to how Atlantic City used to look before all jobs could be done from in the phone on the

Once I was to the page all I had to do was paste this JavaScript code into the address bar of my browser and it opened up the Intro: Petty Crimes district for me.


In the image below you can see that I had already completed all the available districts in Atlantic City and there was no Intro district, yet on somebody else's account they have the Intro available to them with all other districts locked.

The loot that drops in the Intro: Petty Crimes district is really not worth mentioning.
About all this district has going for it is the 24 skill points you will get once you master it to Ruby Level. There is no Job Mastery Loot like we got from other districts in Atlantic City.

It is a good to note that the 2x Mastery Boosts as well as the Wheelman and Mastermind job bonuses count. If you have plenty of the 2x Mastery Boosts you will be able to zip through this district in no time. If you don't have any of those available to you, you are looking at this districts costing about 21,323 energy to master.
To make things a little easier try the District 0 bookmarklet:
District 0 Bookmarklet provided by Mr. Wizard
Click to load Mafia Wars Mobile unframed from anywhere, click again to load District 0 Jobs.


  1. Fantastic! Simple, easy-to-understand instructions! It's nice to have something to do once all the other cities are completed.

    I found this page by searching for "hidden atlantic city level mafia wars", after listening to it being talked about on the Informant Podcast. Now, it looks like I have found another great place for Mafia Wars information.

    Walt D in LV

  2. How odd. For about 10 minutes the screen changed, now its back