Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MAFIA WARS NEW Love and War event begins with a Red Rose

Nooo, your mafia hasn't fallen in love with you. The Love and War gift mastery event for Mafia Wars has kicked off. We knew it was coming when the Kiss of Death mastery item was added overnight last night. Start sending Red Roses to earn the mastery item Poisoned Flowers. In a few days, the Candied Grenade Pin will unlock, and you can earn the Love Grenade. The last item to unlock will be Cupid's Arrow, the mastery of which earns you the Heartbreaker. Mastering all three items gets you the Kiss of Death loot item.

Red Roses give +130 attack skill, Candied Grenade Pins will give +130 defense skill, and Cupid's Arrow gives +150% chance of robbing your next property. More than likely we will be able to mastery this event 3 times in total, as has been the case with the previous gifting events of this nature. 

Didn't we just have one of these gift mastery events?? I hope they aren't going to start cramming them down our throats again...

Collect all 3 boosts for a Grand Prize.
Send and request boosts to master each level.
Kiss of Death [80/181]
Kiss of Death
80 181
Red Rose
Red Rose(+130 attack skill)
Candied Grenade Pin
Candied Grenade Pin(+130 defense skill)

Cupid's Arrow
Cupid's Arrow(+150% chance of robbing your next property successfully.)

Poisoned Flowers [112/55]
Mastery Reward
Poisoned Flowers
112 55
117 56
122 58
Love Grenade [57/116]
Mastery Reward
Love Grenade
57 116
59 121
61 126
Heartbreaker [120/59]
Mastery Reward
120 59
125 61
130 63

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