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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MAFIA WARS What's the truth behind the Facebook news feed outage for Mafia Wars posts?

Mafia Wars players experienced a total blackout a little while ago, when all of our Mafia Wars posts disappeared from the Facebook news feed. Within minutes, it seemed, a new Facebook status message rumor was again making the rounds like wild fire, and again it seems it was unsubstantiated. And this one could easily have been verified, but apparently not many people bothered.
Facebook and Zynga have been negotiating on Facebook Credits and the talks turned for the worst. In the negotiation process, Facebook shut off Zynga’s feeds and threatened to shut down games. Zynga in the process threatened to completely leave Facebook and prepared to do so in the previous upcoming week." - Reported by TechCrunch !!!!!!! NOT GOOD GUY'S I HOPE THEY WORK THIS **** OUT !!!!!! COPY & PASTE FOR YOUR FRIENDS !!
Ok, I know how to find It's pretty easy. I didn't find any such post from TechCrunch about this issue in the past 48 hours, unless I've missed it. If there's an actual story out there about this, please send me the link. As it stands, I believe NO status message rumor without verifiable information, and really, really, you shouldn't either, nor should you repost it "just in case". Without verification, it's an unsubstantiated rumor, and as such, it's not a good idea to spread it around.

The only information I could find relating to the subject had to do with the spats Facebook and Zynga had in 2010 and 2011. Not news, in other words.

According to Zynga's customer support, there was no dispute at all, and this was simply a problem with the game platform that was being worked on. Granted, you have to take what the customer support people say with a grain of salt. Forget that; with an entire salt shaker. But since I could see Castleville posts still, and since the Mafia Wars posts are now back so quickly, I'm inclined to believe that it was, in this case, just a technical problem.

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  1. People will copy and paste anything!

  2. And suck butts will provide the sauce when they are the barbecue.