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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Ruby Run - Search for the Loot

I took 24 hours of time off waiting for the last Mega Casino collection and used all of the available Energy Packs, Mystery Bags, and Property Collections to string together 8 levels of hunting for the "Ruby Level Loot" all around Brazil.

I am still lounging around the Copacabana at the Gold level... but all of the other Districts are solid Ruby. I hit either the highest Energy using job in each level or one that required a consumable.

I only visited Centro at the end of my Energy fill and would love to know if someone who only has this first level at Ruby gets better drop rates for this Special Event.

It took 13,000 energy before I found my first Firefly... and then I got another one on the very next click! While 2 other items did drop in the next 2 times that I leveled I ended up using 26,480 energy for just these 4 !!!

Here is a look at the actual Loot drops:

Twice I was almost out of energy and close to leveling... the middle time I was almost full of energy, and in the middle of a level... hardly enough to be scientific about any kind of a trend!

I did get a lot of good information for some thoughts on Cereal Leveling with Jobs and Robs and will try to string together another 8 level run tomorrow before my Raven window opens.

How are you finding the drop rates in Brazil during this event? Feel like another Big Energy / High Roller activity?


  1. this feels like a way to give energy accounts a chance to catch up with the fighters (the new fight loot is raising numbers seriously fast).

  2. I have 4 items and did use 3x times my full energy (3555). first use energy nothing, 2nd use in Rio de Janeiro: Rochina in the hunt down job i got my first Banshee (car) and in my 3rd use i got in Belem: intimidate the local crime ring 1 stallion and an other banshee and a firefly. So not only the highest jobs gives these items.... I'm btw done in Brazil.