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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

This and Next Week

The This & Next Week post is out from the Mafia Wars blog. As usual, I'm more interested in what's coming next week than what's already happened. After last week, I get the feeling that the list of items coming next week is rather skimpier than what's actually on their scheduled. 

  • New Mission Event: Ties That Bind
  • You’re taking on a newly-elected state governor in Brazil. Keep your head down and power through a major smear campaign to earn a Glamour Helmet (62/150

The Ties That Bind mission event was originally listed last week, I think, but has been rescheduled for this week. Likely this is simply due to the fact that the other mission event won't end until Monday.

  • Family Chat 2.0
  • New features are on the way, including in-chat family member player updates and popping up the chat window.
Now this is something that's long overdue, and I'm glad to finally see it's coming very soon. Several of the people who beta tested the Family module have suggested some improvements to the Family Chat. I wonder if they mean "pop out" the chat window.  

  • Collector's Edition Item: Daylight Savings
  • Never lose another hour of your life again.
So there's "a" limited edition item coming this week, for the collectors. 

1 comment:

  1. Player updates in Family Chat will be great... more of a chance to help people that are online and waiting for clicks!!