Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bad Business in the Back Alley

It appears i will not be able to collect any skill points by collecting the 3 loot items unless i pay for them. According to a "helpful" player advocate at Zynga, once Ruby mastery is reached no more loot will drop. I contacted CS because ever since I reached Ruby mastery I have not had any more loot drop. My numbers stayed steady at 9, 8, and 19 respectively. I explained the situation using very simple English to Zynga CS and this is the response I received:

"Hello Jon,

Jon, I understand that you are not receiving any loot from Back Alley Business and I want to let you know this is because you have already fully mastered it, and our Developers has designed the District that after you complete it you won't receive any loot, so that's why you are not receiving Items.

If you have any other concern or question please contact me back, have a wonderful day.

Kind Regards,

A***** B********
Zynga Player Advocate "

I have to ask why this is the case. Why would loot stop dropping when I have mastered the district? I feel I am being punished for completing a Mafia Chore on time. And if this is how it has to be, why not make this seemingly important detail very clear to me as a player? I have, of course, replied to this ridiculous response from CS. I wish I could have used is so hard to explain things clearly to the Zyngons using e-mail. If there are any further developments, I will pass them on. In the mean time, keep fighting the good fight.


  1. i still get drops just not as often=only when crew members are new ,once timer starts i switch cities... i start @ last job & hit each one time till top then start over have gotten drops each time , some better than others

  2. well that sounds like a whole lot of hoop jumping to me. plus i am a fighter account and only have enough energy to do 3 or 4 jobs at a time in ruby district. but after expending probably 25k to 30k energy and not getting a single drop? that's what i call bullshit.

  3. i've reached quickly the ruby level and the loot still keeps droping! but the thing with me and this kind of loot, is that i've collected like 80 of the first two and only 30 of the last(cats). seems like something is wrong! and i know that most players loot balanced numbers of each of them! pissed!