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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spockholm toolbar updates, now shows mastery for Family Progression

A few minutes ago I was playing Mafia Wars and I noticed that mastery stars were now appearing on my Collect buttons for Family Progression. At first I thought this was a neat new feature added by Zynga, but Zynga doesn't often add such helpful features without bugs and Buy buttons, especially not on Sundays. Then it occurred to me to check my various tool bars. Sure enough...disabling the Spockholm toolbar made the stars go away, and the mastery stars showed up again when I re-enabled the toolbar. I checked with Eike, and he told me these are in fact a new feature for their toolbar. I love it!

There have been many times when I was close to leveling that I skipped collecting a Family Progression bonus because I couldn't tell which bonus I was about to collect. This will be quite helpful when planning and choosing which bonuses to collect.

Additionally, I figured out it will show the mastery star for the next level bonus you can collect, not necessarily which level mastery you have achieved. For example, I have mastered my Property portion of Family Progression for today, but I have not collected. As you can see, it is displaying a bronze mastery star, not the gold one.

I also noticed that the Spockholm toolbar will alert you when there are new or updated bookmarklets, AKA Spocklets.

Good job guys, I really like this update.

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