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Monday, January 9, 2012

New Property ~ Assassin's Academy

As you just noticed by Misty's recent post, we just got what we all wanted...a new property to beg for parts in order to build, then upgrade.  (NOT!)  This one however, poses a few improved stats.  The first problem is: LEVEL 15 in a 2 week period.  OUCH!  That's a ton of parts to beg for in my opinion.  Nonetheless, if you get building, the "Poison Dagger" offers initial stats of 77/31 while the upgraded property (Level 3) will get you an improved Poison Dagger with stats of 85/35.  

No skill points kick in until Level 4.

Level 4 offers us "Death From Afar" with stats of 41/86 and 3 attack points.  Level 6 improves on the stats to a mere 46/92.

Level 7 brings you a "Corner Shot" with initial stats of 95/63 plus 4 attack points.  Upgrading to Level 9 will improve on that to 101/66.  Level 11 brings you an "Assassin" with initial stats of 70/107, plus a nice 5 energy points. 

But wait, here's where it gets decent.  The 5 energy points don't increase but Level 13 offers 76/113, Level 14 offers 79/116 and Level 15 offers 82/119.

I expect the Level 15 Assassin will inspire some of the people who have just plain ole' been sick and tired of seeing property part beg posts to do just that: go post property part beg posts.

I can see a few of those players that have shunned the recent properties deciding to upgrade to Level 11  and as tired of seeing the building part requests on my newsfeed, I can *almost* see reason to go to Level 15.  The 82 attack is pretty bland, but the 119 defense is marginally inspiring.

I more likely, will save my friends from the hassle.  Go forth and beg I say!  I promise to click my 5 clicks.  I promise.

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