Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

End Of Days mission event, mission #5: Resolution

Mission number 5 in the End Of Days mission event for Mafia Wars is called Resolution. This is one of the better missions so far in this mission event, compared to how much time the others required. The most obvious wait time will be about 8 hours, if you're able to Declare War as soon as you get to this mission. The objective 0/40 JOB: "DODGE A FIREBOMBING ON YOUR HEADQUARTERS" looks like it'll take me about 7500 energy. If you have a lot of energy that won't be very painful, but it may take some 'strategerie' and a level up or three for many of us. With a little care, it won't take any longer than the wait on your second war.

For the last objective, acquiring 15 animals, clicking the Go Now button will direct you to the Chicago City Store. You can buy the animals from the city stores in ANY city. But you can also acquire animals just by doing your normal fighting, as they sometimes drop from fights. Since you have to wait anyway, that's what I opted to do. 


Rosario Dominquez

Over the years, I have ruffled a few feathers.


  • 1/2 WIN 2 WARS.

    Deliver the killing blow.

    Sooner or later they were bound to come after you.
  • 0/15 ACQUIRE 15 ANIMALS.

    Protection comes in many forms.
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Mission #2: In The Beginning
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Mission #4: Redemption 
Mission #5: Resolution 
Mission #6: Retribution 
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Mission #9: Omega 
Mission #10: Post Script

This mission event was first released with objectives that were literally impossible to complete in the given time frame--I called it Mission Impossible, and later amended or "retuned" to make it easier to complete.

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