Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Family Properties and Lost Mafia Strength

The official Mafia Wars has a word or three about the topic of fluctuating mafia strengths. As I suspected, this doesn't result from an actual decrease in your mafia strength, but is a fluctuation in the bonus received from your Family's property--which is over and above your actual mafia strength. At least in most cases. As they mention here, this could also be because you put active loot items into your Family property.

Maybe it would be easier to understand if they differentiated your actual mafia strength from the bonus, and displayed "bonus" mafia strength separately? Just a thought. Here's what they say:
A number of players are reporting that they've recently noticed sizeable reductions in their Mafia Attack & Defense strength. We wanted to assure you that your stats are not disappearing. In fact, they’re probably better than they used to be, even if they may fluctuate a bit more day-to-day. We hope the following explanation will put all of your minds at ease.

There are 2 reasons your Mafia Attack & Defense strength may be fluctuating:

1) Because any items you add to your Family Properties are removed from your personal inventory, their Attack & Defense strength is no longer applied to you personally, but to your Family Property instead (so choose those items carefully). Read our Family Property blog post for more details.

2) Building the first Family Property, the Artillery Station, grants you a Family Property Bonus of 1,000 Mafia Attack Points, but only when its health is at 100%. The Family Property Bonus you receive is reduced when the property is damaged as the result of rival families robbing from it, so you'll want to repair it to keep its health (and the Family Property Bonus) at 100%. Also, 1,000 Mafia Attack Points is just the bonus for a Level 1 Artillery Station; you can increase the maximum possible Family Property Bonus awarded by each property by upgrading them to higher levels.

We hope this explains what the recent shifts in your Mafia Attack & Defense strength. In reality, the biggest changes are likely from a rival-family robbing your Artillery Station and reducing your family bonus. Be sure to read our Family Property blog post for more details, and head to your family page to upgrade, defend, and repair your family’s Artillery Station to receive the maximum possible Mafia Attack strength Family Property Bonus from it!

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