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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

new fight loot released, and special event loot added

Wintermute (A:48 D:101) from Fighting
Troller (A:42 D:100) from Fighting
Ounce (A:104 D:48) from Fighting
Traceur (A:103 D:45) from Fighting

Along with more loot for a supposed Special Event, 4 new fight loot items were finally added last night. The Wintermute, Troller, Ounce, and Traceur have been greatly anticipated by many of us--I kept checking for it last night. Now that it's here...frankly, I'm a lil disappointed. I would've liked to have seen more loot, and with better stats than these. I haven't seen a lot of excitement over it from my family members, either. The special event loot looks better actually, but who wants another special event??

Trainspotter does a good breakdown of the fight loot HERE.

These will also drop from robbing, I'm told.

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