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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Brazil: Smuggler's Haven Secret District: it's back!!

Brazil's first secret district: the Smuggler's Haven released back in Aug. 2011 is back again.  Presumably those that did not get a chance to finish on the first go-round can have another crack at it.  I've finished to Ruby the last time and the only reason to do it again is for the additional farming for 3 loot items for the related skills.

10 of each for 5 Attack.  
25 of each for 5 Defense.
50 of each for 5 Skills.  

My character is not built for energy farming (only 2600 energy here) and especially not at Ruby levels so the only saving grace is that they kept somewhat ok ratios with all but one Job over 2.00 ratio. Remember it was nerfed at least once when it was first released. Hopefully they don't nerf their nerf.

Help Defend the Haven from Police : 2.23 : 594 Energy Req'd

Recover Lost Cargo : 1.47 : 1130 Energy Req'd

Oh and you may need to get Life Savers as a consumable if you don't have enough from the previous time in your Inventory.  Life Savers are again available on Free Gift page.  Don't expect 100% gift returns from people, if they plan on skipping this re-release and/or their ZMC is bogged down with new Family Property, the Reinforced Concrete.  Be smart and post on your Wall asking who needs them and send to those that like or comment on your post, knowing they are more likely to return the gift.

Good Luck!   A couple hours after this post, they decided to slap a 35RP pay-to-play fee to access the re-release.  Well, I for one, say F.U.Z.!!!  

1 comment:

  1. I'm not doing a job again that I finished the first time it was out thru Ruby level. I don't like pain that much!!! Is it just me or are they running out of ideas. I used to finish everything until the build before the one we're on now and that was b/c they wanted so many parts and many want to be clicked back for their clicks and some get upset when u run out so it was a fiasco that I never finished. Guess they wanted us to buy it with bought RP's. LOL!!