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Thursday, February 2, 2012

MAFIA WARS new fight loot, special event loot items added 2/2

A whole truckload of new loot items have been added to the Mafia Wars inventory! Including...drum roll please...NEW FIGHT LOOT! These are actively dropping, from what I'm being told.

Iberian Lynx (A:109 D:47) [Animal] from Fighting
Weightlifter (A:46 D:106) [Henchmen] from Fighting
Cyborg Exoskeleton (A:107 D:45) [Armor] from Fighting
Boom Rifle (A:49 D:108) [Weapon] from Fighting

Unfortunately, these aren't really great items as far as fight loot goes. I know these aren't even active items for some players. Zynga should consider something a little better for fight loot. 

These items are probably from the Mime Crates that were just added: 

Powder and Paint (A:104 D:144) [Armor] from Marketplace
Exploding Cards (A:144 D:104) [Weapon] from Marketplace
Mime-mobile (A:104 D:142) [Vehicle] from Marketplace
Eastern Spotted Skunk (A:157 D:114) [Animal] from Marketplace
Anti-Print Gloves (A:157 D:112) [Armor] from Marketplace
Street Performer (A:113 D:158) [Henchmen] from Marketplace
Bulletproof Bowler (A:123 D:172) [Armor] from Marketplace
Mime (A:173 D:122) [Henchmen] from Marketplace

And here's a whole bunch of "special event" loot items. None of these items present any real clues as to what they're for, so we'll have to wait and see. I hope to goodness these are for separate events that won't be crashing into our Mafia Wars game at the same time. And I hope it's not another dumb Marketplace event.

Fingerprint Scanner (A:75 D:132) [Armor] from Special Event
Undercover Vest (A:112 D:70) [Armor] from Special Event
Great Skua (A:72 D:114) [Animal] from Special Event
Night Switch (A:117 D:73) [Vehicle] from Special Event
Assisted Suicide (A:74 D:119) [Weapon] from Special Event
Plated Arm Guard (A:121 D:75) [Armor] from Special Event
Stage Magician (A:77 D:124) [Henchmen] from Special Event
Dhole (A:126 D:78) [Animal] from Special Event
Anti-Glare Face Visor (A:80 D:128) [Armor] from Special Event
Futura XK (A:130 D:82) [Vehicle] from Special Event
Rust 'n' Bone (A:84 D:132) [Weapon] from Special Event
Needle (A:72 D:114) [Weapon] from Special Event
Velvet Worm (A:116 D:73) [Animal] from Special Event
Swamp Ski (A:74 D:118) [Vehicle] from Special Event
Anti-Flame Suit (A:120 D:75) [Armor] from Special Event
Ring Blade (A:76 D:122) [Weapon] from Special Event
Car Salesman (A:125 D:77) [Henchmen] from Special Event
Dugong (A:79 D:127) [Animal] from Special Event
Electric Riot Shield (A:129 D:81) [Armor] from Special Event
Wave Smasher (A:83 D:131) [Vehicle] from Special Event
Spinal Tap (A:133 D:85) [Weapon] from Special Event

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