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Thursday, February 2, 2012

MAFIA WARS more on NEW Family property Bunker

Last night, Mafia Wars players began noticing that a new Family property called the Bunker was on its way. We were able to send Reinforced Concretes from the Free Gift page, and most of us could see where the Bunker would go on our Family Properties screen.  It was, of course, on a slow rollout, so a few Families were able to get a jump start on building their Bunkers while the rest of us had to wait. BOOOO SLOW ROLLOUTS.

This morning, most of our Families should now have the property, though, and can get started building. Zynga has even finally replaced the Artillery Shell banner on the Mafia Wars home page banner with one for the Bunker. As the Artillery Station allowed us to build additional attack strength for our Family members, this Bunker appears that it will add defense to our equipment scores. You can ask for parts every day from your Family's Bunker, same as we can for the Artillery Station.

You can also add up to 5 of your personal loot items to contribute to the robbing defense of this property.

Remember, once you add loot items, they are GONE from your inventory. If you CHANGE the items you add to the property, they are still GONE from your inventory, as well as the new items you added, but it does not increase your contribution except by the stats of the top 5 items you've added. Might be a good way to get rid of some junk loot, if you have the patience.

You and each member of your family can obtain the following maximum number of consumable parts per day to repair/upgrade your property:

– 20 parts from requests
– 20 parts from feeds (a feed can be published every 6 hours)
– 60 parts from successfully robbing rival properties

I also notice they have changed or corrected the graphic for the Reinforced Concrete consumable. It looks more realistic now, with steel bars reinforcing a concrete brick.

Last night, it looked like this, which looks more like a vehicle. A strange one. I guess it remains to be seen what this little guy is for!

Please see previous posts HERE and HERE about the new Family Property the Bunker!

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