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Mafia Wars from a Player's Perspective

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Contest Winner Extravaganza!

I forgot about these! From the official Mafia Wars blog:

We've held a number of contests over the last few months. Thank you for waiting patiently to learn who won. Without further ado, below are the winners!

Winners of The Mafia Wars "Sweetest Halloween Treat" Contest
WinnerSweetest Treat
A-Mark A.Chemist (Ruby Level)
Billy B.Coulrophobia
Diane S.Voodoo Woman
Emil K.Wolfman
Enrico P.Perentie (Ruby Level)
Gabriel T.Surge Bike
Greg "Don G"Voodoo Woman
Jai J.Voodoo Woman
Jean C.Voodoo Woman
Jörg N.Voodoo Woman
Joseph T.Blind Tiger
Kat B.Chemist (Ruby Level)
Kouznetsov M.Voodoo Woman
Lisa B.Sabertooth Tiger
Maksim G.Coulrophobia
Manea D.Arsonist
Max L.Voodoo Woman
Rod B.Gunsmith
Rubén F.Deathbringer Xiii
Thomas D.,
Aka Fatboy Tommy
Voodoo Woman

Winning Taunts from The Mafia Wars Family Boss Fight Taunt Contest
Taunts Used For Silverio Fallaci
Silverio Fallaci The only thing sweeter than the sound of my guitar, is your screams of agony. - James A.
Slicing you up into a million pieces, will be sweet music to my ears. - bellockny
Don't push me man or the next musical instrument u will hear is a angel's harp. - Ronald B.
Taunts Used For Clyde Axworthy
Clyde Axworthy You can't whack death on the head, but I'm gonna whack your head to death. - Sam JB.
Time is not on your side because I'm about to clean your clock. - Lorrie R.

Winning Entry from the "Think Outside Of The Box" Crate Design Contest
Retro Gaming Crates Retro Gaming Crates by Michael S.
Congratulations to all the winners!
- The Mafia Wars Team

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